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Where do we get insides from?

At the moment conspirates has 8 active informants, work with which is adjusted. People from whom we buy information are time-tested and we can confidently state that no other site or seller has such a large and valuable database, including in the darknet.


We do not work directly with players, coaches and referees. Information is bought directly from people who are associated with the organization of the match. Over the years, the creators of this site have developed a base of reliable informers from Asian, East European and South American countries.


On average, we offer for purchase on the site from 2 to 4 matches per month. About 1-2 matches per month we sell in closed mode only to regular customers. To purchase a private match, you must already be an active client of conspirates for a certain period of time, a newcomer cannot acquire such information. Many teams are worried about their reputation, so we do not announce the event on the site and other resources, do not publish its results. According to statistics, private matches are more reliable and profitable.


Do you have such information and you want to sell it through conspirates? We are looking for new reliable informants and are willing to cooperate. We are ready to offer you the best flexible conditions and timely payment. Believe, selling information to us, you can earn much more money than just betting.


Before we accept your information before selling, you must go through a complex and multi-step verification process. We do not buy or sell air, so if you are not sure about the quality of your information, then do not waste your time. We also work with only three sports: football, hockey and tennis. Do not worry about your personal data - we welcome anonymity and do not offer personal meetings.


If you nevertheless decided to try to offer us your information for sale, then contact us and in the first message indicate which countries and leagues you work with, for how long, how much you estimate a one-time sale. Be prepared to record video rates, payments, cash, confirming your words, and you will also have to inform us for
free for 2-3 months. Each case is considered individually.


While the informant is being tested, we are not putting his matches for sale. A special appeal to people who expect to somehow present themselves as an informer: you cannot fool us. Behind our shoulders are many years of experience in dealing with such people, and we will easily distinguish a real informant from a scammer.


telegram: @conspirates_new