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Why we worth your trust?

Yes, the Internet is really full of scammers, to find such private information from an honest seller is almost impossible. We do not recommend cooperating with us and third-party resources  at the same time. This is due to the fact that the person who won from us, as a rule, cannot wait until the next match (the intervals between the
information can be up to two weeks) and he makes a mistake by buying a supposedly contractual match on another site. The result is deplorable: all the money he earned on information from conspirates is lost.


We are much different from scammers.
A fraudster cannot show his winning bets. The maximum that he can provide as evidence is a crookedly modified screenshot in Photoshop or a check printed on A4 sheet, subsequently crookedly cropped with scissors. Now we are preparing a detailed video, where we will tell you how to distinguish a real receipt from a fake with examples of scammers from the Internet.


As a rule, fraudsters sell their alleged match-fixing games very cheaply, it’s simply irrational and ridiculous. Why would a person who has such information spend hours searching for several customers for $ 15? We have repeated this many times already, and we will do it again: do not try to buy a fixed match cheaply, you will be deceived.


The administration of the reports on each announcement in the reports section, on the video you can see the authorization in several offices and the history of rates in them in one frame without gluing and video editing. We do not hide losing bets and are very responsibly approach to keeping statistics. Sometimes we put offline and post real checks on bookmakers from all over the world. Ask the fraudster to make the same video with his bets and he will refuse.


Scammers usually have a long winning streak. None of the offices in the world will allow you to win for 15-25 matches, and no informant will be able to provide you with so high-quality insiders. And for some scammers, the winning series reaches 200-300 matches and they deny any mistakes. Someone even sells them express. This causes nothing but laughter. People who are professionally engaged in forecasts or forks and who are not hearsay know how carefully bookmakers monitor such "winning" accounts.


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