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What is the passability of your information?

The reliability of information about matches is over 90%. The quality and quantity of matches offered are gradually increasing, and the team is constantly working on it.

Why do losses occur if the match is contractual?

This question often arises in people who are far from sports, bets, and match-fixing. Matches in which all 22 main players, substitute, coaches and referees are in the contract course are unrealistic. I have never seen such matches. It makes no sense to buy up all people participating in events, this increases the risk and will cost the organizer very expensive. Usually, to buy the game in football, enough goalkeeper, 2 central defenders, and 2-3 players midline or attack. The rest of the players can run across the field for an hour and a half without understanding why they lose. In hockey, in order to pass the game, the goalkeeper is enough, since in one period 10 shots on goal are applied. Even if all players are aware of the contract on the field, it absolutely does not mean that the game will end 100% with the desired result. Thousands of people are looking at the players, you can't just score a goal instead of your opponent.

Is it possible to get information for free?

No, and this is not negotiable. This information is very expensive and we cannot provide it for free for several reasons. Bookmakers may suspect something if a lot more money is supplied for the match than they expected. Also, if the game is widely publicized in the media, players may refuse to cooperate further. Our goal is to find a few hundred permanent customers who are interested in such earnings.

Why prices are so high?

One match will cost you in the amount of 1 to 5 thousand dollars. Such a high price is due to the fact that the information we sell is very high quality. Organizing and conducting a contracted match is an expensive process. Site administrators of pay an amount from 10 to 20 thousand dollars to buy one match. Also, prices seem high to many because the Internet is full of offers to sell such matches for a penny. No comments. In such an attraction of unprecedented generosity can only believe a truly naive gamer.

Why do you sell information instead of betting millions and winning?

It is impossible to load such sums for matches in such divisions, the bookmaker office always sets limits on the maximum bet. They vary from account history, championship, and other parameters. We always put the optimal bet, which is available for this event and does not make it difficult to withdraw funds after a win. Selling information brings no less income than betting.

Is it legal to bet on match-fixing?

According to our information, there is no country in the world where responsibility for bets on match-fixing exists. Usually, there is only a responsibility for organizing and participating in them.

What happens if the match fails?

In this case, you will get the closest match for free. We are so confident in the quality of the services provided that we are ready to guarantee all customers money back.

Why don't bookmakers fight with you?

On an ordinary match of the championship of the country from Eastern Europe, about 20,000 bets are put on (including fans of clubs, cappers, forecasters, etc.). We put no more than 500 bets, which simply "dissolve" among the rest in various bookmaker offices around the world.

Why are video accounts with betting accounts in bookmaker offices constantly registered with different names?

If you bet not the first day, then you should know that bookmakers do not like stably winning players very much, in just 3-4 major wins your account will freeze and start to come up reasons to not give money. That is why we put on every match with a new account. If you are interested in how to register accounts for other people's data and withdraw money from them, write to us.

How can I pay for the information?

We accept payments only on a bitcoin wallet. This is connected not only with ours but also with your safety as a customer. There are many easier ways of making a transaction but only cryptocurrency let both sides stay anonymous. Buying a bitcoin is easier than you think. You can process it through VISA / Mastercard / WU / Paypal, etc. read in this article (LINK)

If you have any questions or would like to purchase a match, contact us.