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1. General prescriptions
1.1 Any order is a confirmation that the client agrees and accepts the rules of CONSPIRATES.ORG.

1.2 In case the client does not understand the conditions for purchasing at the CONSPIRATES.ORG site, he must clarify and explain all his questions with the administration of the resource.

1.3 All disputes are accepted for consideration within 14 days from the date of order.

1.4 Any kind of dissemination of information from this site, as well as information acquired on the site is strictly prohibited.

2. Ordering

2.1 Information is provided for 100% prepayment in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The transaction amount in bitcoins must be equivalent to the amount in another currency at the official exchange rate on the day of the order.

2.2 When making a purchase, the client confirms the fact that he has reached the age of maturity.

2.3 When making a purchase, the client undertakes to use the acquired information only for personal purposes and not to transfer it to third parties.

2.4 In the event that a client commits any actions that entailed a complete or partial leak of information, the administration has the right to permanently ban him from making purchases on the website CONSPIRATES.ORG.

2.5 The site administration is not responsible for any actions committed by the client, resulting in violations of the laws of the client’s country of residence.

3. Buying process and pricing

3.1 The price of the match specified in the announcement is strictly defined. The price depends on the odds and the class of the competition and may vary over time at the discretion of the CONSPIRATES.ORG administration.

3.2 To obtain information, the client must contact the administration himself and clarify the details for payment.

3.3 The possibility of not 100% prepayment is negotiated on an individual basis and only with regular customers.

3.4 If the amount of your payment is higher than the price of the match, the balance is automatically recorded in your account and goes to pay for the next purchase.

3.5 The time indicated in the announcement for the upcoming match is the last moment to complete the transaction. If your payment is received later than this time, the transaction is invalid and the entire amount of the payment goes to pay for the next purchase.

3.6 If your payment is accumulated on the account for the next purchase, our administrator will contact you and discuss the odds on the upcoming rate on an individual basis.

3.7 The administration has the right to cancel the transaction and return the money to the client without explanation.

4. Cancellation and refund

4.1 The client has the right to cancel the order for the next match and postpone payment to any next.

4.2 Refund after payment is not possible.

4.3 You can cancel an order at any time before receiving a message with information.

4.4 If the client has made a decision to cancel an order, the client must send a request with the date and time of payment, its details and other clarifying information to the email:

4.5 The client must understand the fact that the matches provided by the site are sports events that may end in a different way than we expected.

4.6 If a match paid by a client has been canceled, postponed or lost due to force majeure circumstances, the client receives information about the next match automatically and for free.

5. Termination of cooperation

5.1 Cancellation of the transaction occurs in the case of non-fulfillment of the conditions of the transaction by one of the parties.

5.2 Cancellation of the transaction occurs at the initiative of the site organizer.

5.3 In case of cancellation of the transaction, the site organizers are not responsible for orders made by the client.

5.4 Cancellation of the transaction occurs in case of violation by the client of any rules of the site. There is no compensation in such cases.