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High-quality Fixed Match Tips and Predictions from a Globally Leading Site

At the moment, there is no verified resource in the Internet that would provide reliable information on fixed matches apart of us. We cooperate with dozens of informants through the Leagues, bringing together a closely-knit community of bookmakers, coaches, assistants, analysts and players. Throughout the years on the market we've honed our skills of searching trustful informants of fixed matches.

We always deliver the highest-quality tips for our customers thanks to the trusted and efficient network of collaborates around the globe. That's why all our tips and recommendations cost a lot. It would be foolish to expect that informants would share the valuable insights for a penny. We are completely open about the ways and methods of communication with senior informants in order to extend our network.

You can peruse the statistics and video reports for the matches, so that you can see the genuine proof that the matches we sell end up with the predicted outcomes in approximately 97% of the cases.

There's so many scammers on the Internet promising your cheap predictions, that it's paramount for you to educate yourself on what's the difference between real and fake tips providers in this niche.

Why we worth your trust?

Yes, the Internet is really full of scammers, to find such private information from an honest seller is almost impossible. We do not recommend cooperating with..

Where do we get insides from?

At the moment conspirates has 8 active informants, work with which is adjusted. People from whom we buy information are time-tested and we can confidently state that...

How to purchase the information?

After you have familiarised yourself with the rules of the resource, FAQ and the announcement of the upcoming event, you need to pay for information. At the moment there...

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There are people in the Internet that try to resell the information that they allegedly bought from us. We can assure you that every resource that tries to resell our information is nothing but scam. Leaning on our experience we consider that the price of the information that we sell could not be less than approximately $5000. However having a big global network of reliable customers make us able to lower the price a lot.



Africa Cup of Nations

June 21 starts the African Cup of Nations. It was quite difficult to buy information about a match at a tournament of such a high level, but I already...